Clan Society: The Organization

Slider Highland Games BandClan Johnston/e in America participates in various Scottish games and festivals throughout North America as well as other activities which foster awareness of Scottish and Clan history and culture. We publish a quarterly newsletter, the Spur and Phoenix, and collect historical and genealogical information about the Clan and other matters of Scottish interest. We also provide scholarships to study the Scottish arts, such as piping, drumming and highland dancing, and make available to members and others tartan and Clan-related merchandise.

The first meeting of our organization was held in October 1976 at the Stone Mountain Highland Games in Atlanta, Georgia

Come join us in celebrating our Scottish heritage! Please contact the President if you would like to become more actively involved, or if you have special skills which could be of use to our Clan.

Clan Johnston/e in America has been recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as an educational and charitable organization which is exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. Please feel free to email a request through our contact form, use the links below to explore Clan Johnston/e in America and the history of the Scottish Johnstons and Johnstones, and support our organization by making an online donation through PayPal.

Our Genealogist is Barbara Gorham Johnson of Mount Vernon, Washington, e-mail: Those tracing roots and lineage beyond documents and records may find the J/J/J (Johnson/Johnston/Johnstone) Surname DNA Project of particular interest.

Call for Volunteers!

As a member driven organization, Clan Johnston/e in America and Canada is only as strong as its member support. We are currently looking for member-volunteers to fill the following positions. Most positions take less than an hour a month, with video meetings typically held using “Zoom”.

Co-Chair Council Positions:
Co-Chair Membership

Buz Johnson

Assist the National Membership Commissioner in recruiting new members, and coordinating our Clan representation (Tent Hosts) at various games and festivals across the countries.
Co-Chair Registrar

Anne Shoaf

Assist the Registrar in maintaining membership records, and processing annual renewals and dues. This includes notifying the members regarding renewals and issuing membership cards.
Co-Chair Treasurer

Looking for CPA experienced member!

Assist the Treasurer in keeping correct and complete books and records of all accounts. The Treasurer also manages banking, investments, and the Clan’s annual budget, as well as preparing the annual financial report, IRS filing, and New York State Charities filing.
Co-Chair Secretary

Position Open

Assist the Secretary in keeping records for all Clan proceedings, and conducting official correspondence as directed by the President and Council. This includes preparing the Annual General Meeting information package.
Co-Chair Genealogist

Position Open

Assist the Clan Genealogist in maintaining and making available archival materials and genealogical information, as well as helping members achieve accuracy and good documentation in their genealogical research.
Co-Chair Editor

Welcome Duane Estep & Pam Boucher

Assist the Editor in editing, publishing, and mailing the quarterly Spur & Phoenix newsletter.
Co-Chair Social Media

Position Open

Assist the Social Media Manager with technical support for our website development, Facebook administration, and e-commerce platforms.
Committee Members:
Nominating Committee

Seeking Members

The Nominating Committee meets annually to review and approve nominees for election of pending Council positions.
Membership Committee

Chaired by Valerie Ensor

The Membership Committee meets quarterly or as needed to devise policies and methods for recruiting new members, subject to Council approval.
Tent Hosting Committee

Co-Chaired by Buz Johnson

The Tent Hosting Committee manages the coverage and conduct of Tent Hosts at various games and festivals, working with the State/Provincial Commissioners.
Social Media Committee

Chaired by Seth Johnson

The Social Media Committee meets quarterly or as needed to manage Clan information across our website, Facebook, and print platforms. They are also responsible for developing and managing e-commerce platforms.
Genealogy Committee

Chaired by Barbara G. Johnson

The Genealogy Committee meets quarterly or as needed to manage member genealogical information and archives, and add them to our database, as well as respond to member inquiries. They also prepare articles for the Spur & Phoenix newsletter promoting accuracy and good documentation in genealogical research.
Scholarship Committee

Chaired by Peggy Johnston

This new committee is being formed to establish policies and funding for awarding Scholarships to deserving CJA members and their families.
Tent Hosting:
We need tent hosts for every State and Province! Tent hosts are responsible for representing our Clan at various games and festivals across the countries. They will typically set up a tent and display items of interest, and respond to questions related to the Johnston/e Clan. Hosts are encouraged to recruit new members using various incentives, but mostly it’s a fun, sociable day meeting new people and renewing old acquaintances, all in celebration of our heritage.

If you are able to volunteer your time, please contact your Clan at noting the position you wish to fill, your member number, and a brief note regarding your qualifications.

Thank you for your support!

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