Surname DNA Project

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J/J/J (Johnson/Johnston/Johnstone)
Surname DNA Project

If you are a serious genealogist, sooner or later you are going to reach the end of a proven “paper trail”. When this happens, looking beyond this so called “brick wall” can become very exasperating and next to impossible. Y-DNA testing offers an exciting new approach to solving this problem.The J/J/J (Johnson/Johnston/Johnstone) Surname DNA Project is historically listed as a Pioneer DNA Surname Project, with a goal to aid anyone interested in researching their family history using DNA testing. Not only can the male Y-DNA tests be used for this study but also that of the mtDNA test. Mitrocondia DNA (mtDNA) is passed down through the maternal line. Coupled with each participant’s DNA test results, a mainstay of the project is that each participant is asked to submit his pedigree to be posted on the J/J/J web page for others to observe and compare DNA test results.

To learn more about the current J/J/J Surname DNA Project visit the web site at FTDNA:

Archive of the original J/J/J Project (Prior 2016): J/J/J: A Pioneer DNA Surname Project

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