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Our very own C.e. Buz Johnson answering Grandfather Mountain Highland Games' virtual call of the clans. Shake loose the border, AYE READY! Many thanks Buz. Sláinte to you. ...

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Our ancestors have left their footprints. ...

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Happy 4th of July! Aye Ready! ...

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Join Jamesie for a live chat! Head to his Facebook page at 6pm tonight! Bring your questions!!Live Nosey book chatty thingie tonight at 6pm EST .
Will be answering some questions you kindky sent in and talking Scotland, tours , band and other memories of growing up the 80’s .

Hope you can join me tonight and I’ll try my best to acknowledge and answer questions as they roll up my screen .

* If you like the chat you can always buy me a coffee , much appreciated ✌🏻

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Please submit your entries for the Spur & Phoenix! ...

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A message from Lord Lyon, Dr Joseph J Morrow.

"Greetings from Edinburgh on this spring day albeit that we are affected by the pandemic which is
playing such a critical role in all our lives worldwide. On 6 April 2020 we are celebrating the 700th
Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath. This document was signed at Arbroath Abbey which is
just a few miles from my home and the ruins of which I have walked round on many occasions.

The Declaration is one of the most significant documents that emerged from Mediaeval Europe. It is
a document that is marked by learning and scholarship and for the 14th century provides an
argument for the self determination of the Scottish people. It changed constitutional thinking – such
that our King was required to rule in the best interests of his people who, through the Declaration,
kept a right to Depose the king.

This fundamental principle in constitutional law of the power of the people remains even to today
and applies in all democratic states to Monarch and State Leader alike.

Throughout the centuries this principle was drawn on by many including the Committee who drafted
the American Declaration of Independence. Today we all celebrate the living Scotland whether here
at home or abroad and acknowledge the influence this Declaration has had and further celebrate
our Scottish heritage. One simple fact that highlights the influence of the living Scotland is shown in
the celebration of Scotland in the life of Canada and the number of prominent people who were of
Scottish descent who influenced the growth of Canada

Happy 700th Anniversary celebrations of the Declaration of Arbroath."


Happy Tartan Day Johnston/es. We hope you're wearing your colors today.

Aye Ready.

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This is a post of Andrew Johnstone.

Robert Burns
Tae a virus

Twa months ago, we didna ken,
yer name or ocht aboot ye
But lots of things have changed since then,
I really must salute ye

Yer spreading rate is quite intense,
yer feeding like a gannet
Disruption caused, is so immense,
ye’ve shaken oor wee planet.

Corona used tae be a beer,
they garnished it wae limes
But noo it’s filled us awe wae fear
These days, are scary times.

Nae shakin hawns, or peckin lips,
it’s whit they awe advise
But scrub them weel, richt tae the tips,
that’s how we’ll awe survive

Just stay inside , the hoose, ye bide
Nae sneakin oot for strolls
Just check the lavvy every hoor
And stock-take, your, loo rolls

Our holidays have been pit aff
Noo that’s the Jet2 patter
Pit oan yer thermals, have a laugh
And paddle ‘ doon the waater ‘

Canary isles, no for a while
Nae need for suntan cream
And awe because o this wee bug
We ken tae be..19

The boredom surely will set in,
But have a read, or doodle
Or plan yer menu for the month
Wi 95 pot noodles.

When these run oot, just look aboot
A change, it would be nice
We’ve beans and pasta By the ton
and twenty stane o rice.

So dinny think yell wipe us oot
Aye true, a few have died
Bubonic, bird flu, and Tb
They came, they left, they tried

Ye might be gallus noo ma freen
As ye jump fae cup tae cup
But when we get oor vaccine made
Yer number will be up.

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Did any of your ancestors travel to America from Fermanagh? ...

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Guess who was in Asheville Scottish Festival? Jamesie Johnston and
Albannoch. Jamesie is with Gregory Johnston-Webb and family.

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Welcome Oliver Bundy to Clan Johnston/e in America. He is with Brian Decker our Tent Host. ...

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Welcome Clan Johnston/e in America’s newest Member, Lori Johnston with Brian Decker Tent Host. ...

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Come Join Clan Johnston/e in America at the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA with Brian Decker as Tent Host. With Brian, Val Ensor, National Membership Chairmen and Peggy Johnston, VP-West. ...

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Bloody Border Reivers at the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games. ...

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Since 1592. ...

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Have you ever had a Border Tart?“Border Tart”

This was a simple pastry shell, filled with dried fruits, cherries and nuts, all in a soft mixture of sugar, eggs and ground almonds. Taking it up a notch, today’s recipe is the slightly fancier Ecclefechan Butter Tart, which originates in the Scottish Borders town of Ecclefechan. The difference between this and the Border Tart is, it seems to be, the loss of the almonds, a lot of butter, and a deeper filling in the Ecclefechan Tart. They might also have different fruits.

In fact, I know they have different fruit in them. Mixed dried fruit used to contain sultanas, raisins and – if you were lucky – a few small pieces of bright scarlet glacé cherry. The bag I picked up had two sorts of sultanas (normal! golden!) plus raisins, apricots, peel and dried cranberries. I’m sure granny wouldn’t approve. But no cherry, so I added a goodly amount of them too. It was interesting to see that the ones I found were “natural” and a deep reddish-purple. Probably better for you, but part of me misses the neon red cherries from back in the day.

there is also one “mystery ingredient” to provoke a no, really? moment – a tablespoon of vinegar. It works in this tart, so don’t skip this step. Just be sure to limit yourself to one spoonful, and use a wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar – industrial vinegar is just that little bit too sharp.

To make an Ecclefechan Butter Tart:

For the pastry:

• 100g plain flour
• 50g butter, cold, cut into cubes
• 25g caster sugar
• 1 egg yolk

In a bowl, rub the butter into the flour. Once the mixture resembles breadcrumbs, add the sugar and mix well. Add the egg yolk and just enough cold water so the mixture comes together (1-2 tablespoons of water is probably enough). Cover the pastry in cling film and leave to rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Use to line a 20cm loose-bottomed flan dish, and prick with a fork. Place the tart shell in the fridge while making the filling.

For the filling:

125g butter, melted and cooled
• 200g soft brown sugar
• 2 eggs, beaten
• 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
• 50g walnuts, chopped
• 250g dried mixed fruit
• 50g glacé cherries

Preheat the oven to 190°C (375°F).

In a bowl, combine the sugar, butter and eggs. Stir in the vinegar, walnuts, dried fruit and cherries. Pour into the pastry shell.

Bake the tart for 25-30 minutes until the pastry is golden and the filling is slightly puffy and lightly browned in the centre (turn the tart during baking).

Worth making? Wow. This tart is superb. Lots of dried fruit might make you think of Christmas, the buttery filling is more like a pecan pie. It’s rich and sweet and a great afternoon treat, either as one large tart or individual little pies.

(No wonder my Da loved fruitcakes so much!)

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CJA Tent Host at the Central Florida Scottish Highland Game, Jim and Nick Johnston ...

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